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Find real world location from visitors by IP address

Every marker represent on IP location provider:

    loading locations ...

Your next town provided by an IP location provider is unknown. See the example sections for more copy&paste code.

We offer a free API usable by including only one javascript resource.

  • no registration required
  • no cookie saved on visitors side
  • with triangulation more accurate

Heavy counts or commercial sites with more than 10.000 calls/day can handled because we use google app engine cloud service (but its not for free).

IP-GEO is your service to detect cheater while registrating in your website - we give you a hint if visitors comes from ghana, china or germany. Offer localized advertising like the big dating sites or simple include an news- or weather widget. See more examples in the example section .

This product includes geo-data created by MaxMind, geoPlugin, hostip.info, IPInfoDB and google.com.